Watch “Stupid self-conscious shit” on YouTube

Say hello to Anna Akana! Reviewing my favourite Youtuber for three first time!

Anna’s weekly vlogs are known to not only feature humorous cut away moments, but most inspiringly, a take-home message that strongly resonates with the… Soul :)

In this one she speaks about self consciousness, and for those out there who deal with social anxiety the way that I do, I think this video might be some help in settling some worries.


Watch “AMANDA BYNES” on YouTube

New video from Daily Grace!

I recently discovered her channel through Hank Green’s veda (vlog every day in april) challenge.

I’m loving the fact that she pretty much puts out a video a day ! Most of them are pretty funny, but once in a while I get ones like this one video about Amanda Bynes where I sit at the end of the video absolutely confused.

Watch it and tell me what you think, but most importantly, what is even going on.

(yes my english deteriorated at the end there, sorry !)