Thin privilege is generally being able to go bra shopping in real world stores, and on online stores find a wide range of bras and get what you want.

Even on specialist ‘plus size’ websites I have a very hard time and the only thing my size in the kind I’m comfortable…

I guess reading this kind of sparked something. I haven’t gotten new bras since I turned 12 and started wearing one. It’s been right years…

Maybe it’s thin privilege? Until the moment I realize I still haven’t properly filled them out — or maybe me and my mum just failed at bra selection.

It’s OK to be Thin: thisisthinprivilege: Thin privilege is generally being able to go bra…



Ahahahahahahhaha. Oh my god. Further proof that TITP is talking out of their asses. Doctors are allowed to refuse treatment if they think treatment would be more harmful then helpful. Or if it goes against their ethics. 


OMG wow. Apparently TITP doesn’t know how the internet works. 

Your browser saves these think called cookies. They track what you do and tailor ads to fit your internet musings. Now they only track individual words or phrases and use those for the ads. Since you talk about weight a lot that’s what comes up in your adverts. Got it?