‘Of course Doctor Who is a children’s show’ says Steven Moffat – but that doesn’t mean it’s childish

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The Time Lord helps kids face their fears – and teaches them nothing beats using your brain – says Doctor Who Adventures editor Natalie Barnes

“Of course it’s a children’s show,” said Steven Moffat, when I asked him his thoughts on whether Doctor Who belongs to kids. “It’s about an alien time traveller who has adventures in a spaceship disguised as a police box. And just look at the character of the Doctor? He’s totally ridiculous.”

Doctor Who may have been originally created as a kids’ show, but that doesn’t mean it’s childish. It’s intelligent, at times complex, well written and very funny. It deals with some pretty weighty issues, too – loss, loneliness and death.

The BBC has come under fire for being ‘too dark’ before, but if we ask any of our readers what they want, the answer is almost always ‘more monsters!’ Sure, it can be a…

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