what to do

  • MBF me (doorm0use)
  • reblog please, no likes

how i will choose

  • I will choose my top 3 or 4 favorite blogs.
  • I will put them in a randomizer so it’ll be fair.
  • The first one will be my BOTM
  • The other runners up will receive a promo of choice.
  • So yeah, that means no poll :)

what the first place winner will receive

  • you will be my BOTM :), you will receive a link on my blog for a month.
  • you will receive promos every day. if i forget, just remind me. hah.
  • help in other polls
  • a fansign if you ask
  • a friend. :3 (seriously, though, we can talk all the time if you like)
  • anything else we can agree on.

Now have fun and get reblogging! :D

Picking sometime saturday.

Actually going to pick tomorow night so you guys have another day. :)


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